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  • Teen Bullied Over Her Weight Goes On to Become Cheerleading Coach and Beauty Queen Finalist April 13, 2024
    A student who was picked-on for being an overweight teenager has shut down the bullies by becoming a cheerleading coach and Miss England semi-finalist. Sophie McGarva said she was mocked by cruel classmates after she reached almost 200 pounds during middle school by gorging on junk food and snacks before turning 13. The Englishwoman suffered […]
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  • Teen with Incredibly Rare Genetic Condition is Cured in World First By British Doctors April 13, 2024
    A teen diagnosed with an incredibly rare genetic condition has become the first person in the world to be cured, thanks to a team of pioneering British doctors. 13-year-old Kai Xue is one of just 21 people in the world stricken with a disease called WILD syndrome, which impairs cells, causes lymphedema and warts, and […]
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  • U.S. Unveils First-Ever Regulations to Remove ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water April 13, 2024
    Despite a huge amount of political opposition from the chemical industry, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its first regulations aimed at limiting quantities of PFAs, or ‘forever chemicals,’ in American drinking water. For decades, Polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAs have been used for coatings that resist fire, oil, stains, and water and are now […]
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  • Your Weekly Horoscope – ‘Free Will Astrology’ From Rob Brezsny April 13, 2024
    Our partner Rob Brezsny, who has a new book out, Astrology Is Real: Revelations from My Life as an Oracle, provides his weekly wisdom to enlighten our thinking and motivate our mood. Rob’s Free Will Astrology, is a syndicated weekly column appearing in over a hundred publications. He is also the author of Pronoia Is the Antidote […]
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  • Indigenous Rangers Photograph Blind ‘Marsupial Mole’ Seldom Seen by Humans Amid its Strange and Wild Land April 12, 2024
    This tiny creature is a northern marsupial mole, a card-carrying member of one of the strangest landscapes on Earth. The Western Deserts of Australia bristle, slither, and burrow with life; much of it unseen by the few passersby. The extreme aridity and heat have caused these animals to adapt in strange ways; few stranger than […]
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  • How to Be More Present in Your Daily Life January 18, 2024
    Introduction: Living in the Now Think about this: we often get lost in memories or worry about what’s next. But the secret to really living, to really feeling alive, is being totally in the moment, right now. Imagine not missing out on the little joys and the big moments because you’re really there, not lost […]
    Leon Ho
  • 50 Essential New Year’s Resolutions for 2024 (A Holistic Approach) January 15, 2024
    Ever wondered why most New Year’s resolutions don’t survive past February? It’s because they often target isolated aspects of our lives, neglecting the broader picture of our well-being. This year, we’re taking a different route — one that considers the whole you. Introducing the 6 Focus Priorities of Life, a balanced blend of your Outer […]
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  • Believing in Yourself Again: 10 Ways To Reverse Course on Self-Sabotage January 15, 2024
    Believing in yourself is the key to achieving your goals. When you think you can succeed, you’re more likely to take action and push forward. But when you doubt yourself, you tend to hold back or sabotage your efforts. You probably know this, and have experienced it too. So how do you go about achieving […]
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  • Goal Setting Theory: A Guide for Busy Leaders, Individuals and Teams January 14, 2024
    Life moves quickly. In chasing success, we can unintentionally sacrifice happiness. Lost in misguided priorities, we lose sight of the true meaning of our time. Progress seems to demand filling every minute. But mastery isn’t maximizing busyness. It’s aligning moments with purpose. Goal Setting Theory provides a map for navigating this fleeting time. By charting […]
    Leon Ho
  • Why Is Motivation Important? August 23, 2023
    In the grand tapestry of life, have you ever wondered what sets the movers and shakers apart from the rest? The secret sauce, quite often, is the fire of motivation that burns within. As humans, we’re somewhat quirky in how we perceive time. We’re often sidetracked by the insignificant, overlooking what genuinely matters. Instead of […]
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  • The hustle: Businessman-politician knows how to save art from itself April 14, 2024
    Dan Mathieson was one of the brains behind the very successful Stratford Festival. The path is simple, he says: entrepreneurial ruthlessness
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  • More civilians die in Ukraine as a think tank warns delays in US aid will hamper Kyiv’s forces April 14, 2024
    KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — More civilians died across Ukraine Sunday as analysts warned that delays in U.S. military assistance would see Kyiv struggle to fight off Russian offensives. One man was Sunday killed after a Russian drone hit the truck he was driving in the Sumy region, the local prosecutor’s office said. Officials in the […]
    The Associated Press
  • Unfazed by danger and power, Guatemalan cardinal keeps up fight for migrants and the poor April 14, 2024
    HUEHUETENANGO, Guatemala (AP) — As more than 100 men carrying an elaborate float of Jesus halted before him, Cardinal Alvaro Ramazzini lost no time in calling for social justice — the hallmark of the Catholic bishop’s decades-long frontline ministry. “Let’s hope that this procession may revive in the heart the willingness to discover Jesus Christ […]
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  • ‘Everybody should be in Love’: Saskatchewan village embraces name with new chapel April 14, 2024
    LOVE, SASK. — A small Saskatchewan village is looking to put Love on the map by becoming a unique wedding destination. “Everybody should be in Love at least once in their lives,” Marvin Torwalt, who is known as the resident Love historian, says with a big smile. The Village of Love is fully embracing its […]
    The Canadian Press
  • Polish opponents of abortion march against recent steps to liberalize strict law April 14, 2024
    WARSAW, Poland (AP) _ Polish opponents of abortion marched in Warsaw on Sunday to protest recent steps by the new government to liberalize the predominantly Catholic nation’s strict laws and allow termination of pregnancy until the 12th week. Poland’s Catholic Church has called for Sunday to be a day of prayer “in defense of conceived […]
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Should I Buy or Sell First?

Do you buy your next home before selling? Or do you sell your current home before buying?

It really depends on you.

If you buy first, your home hunting will be less rushed and you can spend more time making sure your new house fits as many of your needs as possible. When you make an offer, you can make it conditional on the sale of your current home or you can discuss the possibility of bridge-financing with your lending institution in case your new home closes before your current home sells and you need to pay for two homes at the same time.

If you sell first, you may be in a position where you may need to find a temporary place to live if you are unable to find a home you will be happy with before your current home's closing date. Some people reach out to family or friends who may have some extra room for a few months and some people look for a short-term rental property.

Your Agent can give you information about the current real estate market conditions and how that affects buyers and sellers but it is ultimately up to you to decide which variables you are able to live with and which options make sense for your financial situation.


I am grateful for the many fabulous people I have had the pleasure of helping and hope that you will be next!

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