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  • What is a Milestone? A SMART-er Approach to Achieving Your Life Goals April 29, 2024
    We all have big dreams and ambitious goals we’d love to accomplish, like getting that major promotion while still having quality family time, getting fit and healthy despite a crazy busy schedule, or saving up enough to retire early and pursue our passions. The problem is that these huge, life-changing objectives can feel so daunting […]
    Leon Ho
  • Discovering Your North Star: Crafting an Inspiring and Authentic Mission April 29, 2024
    Have you ever felt totally uninspired by those vague corporate mission statements? The ones that say things like “To be the world’s most trusted provider of integrated solutions”? Or by those vague New Year’s resolutions? The ones that say things like “Get in shape” or “Be a better person”? Blah blah blah. What does that […]
    Leon Ho
  • Reimagining Goal Setting: The Power of Northstar Goals April 29, 2024
    A few years back, I found myself in a rut with goal-setting. I had all these grand ambitions, but making actual progress always felt like an uphill battle. I’d set huge goals like “become a famous entrepreneur” or “get shredded,” but within months, my motivation would fizzle and I’d be back where I started. Even […]
    Leon Ho
  • Reclaim Your Time: Conquer the 4 Major Time Wasters April 23, 2024
    In our fast-paced, modern world, time is our most precious commodity. We’re constantly juggling responsibilities, chasing dreams, and trying to make the most of every moment. But have you ever felt like your days are slipping away, consumed by activities that don’t truly enrich your life? It’s a common struggle, and the culprit is often […]
    Leon Ho
  • Boost Your Life: Ultimate Guide on How to Be More Present January 18, 2024
    In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to find ourselves caught in a perpetual loop of jumping from one task to another, without ever pausing to savor the moment we’re living in. I’ve noticed this in my own life and heard it echoed by friends and readers alike. It’s a common struggle, yet it’s […]
    Leon Ho


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  • Independent UN experts urge Yemen’s Houthis to free detained Baha’i followers May 20, 2024
    CAIRO (AP) — Human rights experts working for the United Nations on Monday urged Yemen’s Houthi rebels to release five people from the country’s Baha’i religious minority who have been in detention for a year. The five are among 17 Baha’i followers detained last May when the Houthis raided a Baha’i gathering in the capital […]
    The Associated Press
  • A report is due on the UK’s infected blood scandal, the country’s worst public health disaster May 20, 2024
    LONDON (AP) — Britain’s government is expected to apologize on Monday as an inquiry is to publish a final report into the U.K.’s infected blood scandal, which saw tens of thousands of people infected with HIV and hepatitis after being given contaminated blood and blood products from the 1970s to early 1990s. An estimated 3,000 […]
    The Associated Press
  • Condition of Slovakia’s prime minister improves following an assassination attempt May 20, 2024
    BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Slovak populist Prime Minister Robert Fico’s condition is improving following an assassination attempt last week that shocked the European Union nation deeply polarized over his policies. “After today’s consultation, the patient’s condition is stabilized,” the hospital treating the Slovak leader in the central city of Banska Bystrica said on Monday. A […]
    The Associated Press
  • How to check the Air Quality Health Index and assess your health risks May 20, 2024
    As we enter another wildfire season, Environment and Climate Change Canada is advising people to pay attention to air pollution levels and check the Air Quality Health Index — especially on smoky days. HOW CAN I CHECK THE AIR QUALITY READING IN MY AREA? The Air Quality Health Index is at: You can take […]
    The Canadian Press
  • Wild breed shows potential for developing drought-resistant potato: researcher May 20, 2024
    CHARLOTTETOWN — Federal scientists in Atlantic Canada are trying to develop a new breed of potato that is better adapted to growing conditions brought on by climate change. Bourlaye Fofana, a research scientist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, leads a team in Charlottetown that has examined wild potato varieties native to the South American Andes […]
    The Canadian Press

Should I Buy or Sell First?

Do you buy your next home before selling? Or do you sell your current home before buying?

It really depends on you.

If you buy first, your home hunting will be less rushed and you can spend more time making sure your new house fits as many of your needs as possible. When you make an offer, you can make it conditional on the sale of your current home or you can discuss the possibility of bridge-financing with your lending institution in case your new home closes before your current home sells and you need to pay for two homes at the same time.

If you sell first, you may be in a position where you may need to find a temporary place to live if you are unable to find a home you will be happy with before your current home's closing date. Some people reach out to family or friends who may have some extra room for a few months and some people look for a short-term rental property.

Your Agent can give you information about the current real estate market conditions and how that affects buyers and sellers but it is ultimately up to you to decide which variables you are able to live with and which options make sense for your financial situation.


I am grateful for the many fabulous people I have had the pleasure of helping and hope that you will be next!

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